1.  Q : What activities can be considered as consultancy projects?
  A : Consultancy project is defined as income generating activities carried out by UiTM staffs to serve government agencies, private entities, and NGOs locally or internationally.
2. Q : How do we register our consultancy projects?
  A : Consultants are required to use i’CONS (click here to log in) to register their projects.
3. Q : What is i’CONS?
  A : i’CONS is an integrated consultancy online system. This system is a platform for consultants to register and monitor their projects online. i’CONS can be accessed 24/7 through the internet. Phase I is for project registration and Phase II which is still in progress, is for ledger viewing.
4. Q : How to use i’CONS?
  A : Click here for i’CONS Manual.
5. Q : Who should register the consultancy projects?
  A : The head of project must register the consultancy project as the system will automatically assign a password to the project leader to manage the project.
 6. : What are the documents needed for registration of project?
  : Once head of project has successfully registered the project, he/she need to submit to RMI “Surat Akuan Menjalankan Kerja” that has been signed and approved by Deans/Director for each team member; and Offer Letter from client.
 7. : How is 30% contribution to UiTM is calculated?
  A : 30% is calculated based on the net profit. 30% contribution will be distributed to Tabung Destini Anak Bangsa (5%), Dana Kecemerlangan Pendidikan (8%), faculty/ Centre (7%), and IRMI(10%).
8. : Who will process financial claims for consultancy projects?
  A : All request for invoice and financial claims must be submitted to RMI. You can get the detailed information and documents needed at Download Forms. Click here.
 9. : Who is the person in charge in Unit Kewangan Zon 17 (Perundingan)?
  A : Penolong Bendahari  (Puan Intan Baizah Abd Aziz)  - 03 5544 3404 or Penolong Akauntan (Puan Zaihan Mat Sulaiman) - 03 5544 2099